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This account allows you to transact in any of the major currencies around the world. A multi currency bank account allows you to invest and transact in foreign exchanges while living abroad. It means that you can take a mortgage in a country of your choice as well as borrow to keep your investment options open.​


When you are in the global business world, due to the high volatile nature of some currencies, it sometimes makes sense to convert your funds to a more stable currency. Perhaps you might also want to speculate and be ready for a global shift in the conversion rate or prepare for future conversion. With a multi currency account, you are at liberty to convert your funds to the currency that suits your needs. This helps you avoid the impact of short-term foreign exchange rate fluctuations.


Having a multi currency account also helps in saving on conversion costs. When you regularly receive money in a particular currency, and you always have to convert it, you are losing much on conversion costs. A foreign currency account helps you to save on the expenses by allowing you to receive or make the payment in your preferred currency.

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