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What is the incorporation process step by step?

Step 1 : 1 hour CHAT with CPA (charted accountant):

after you sign up to our Premium Incorporation service - first step is one hour discussion with a CPA on the following issues:

The entire process of opening US company:

·       Company types

·       State of Incorporation

·       EIN – Employer ID number

·       How long it takes

·       Taxation

·       Banking options

·       Annual filing

Step 2 : Company name

We check name and let you know if it's available and legal

Step 3 : Company formation

·       We send you incorporation documents to sign and return to us via email

·       We open the company and get it approved (5-6 business days)

Step 4 : EIN

·       EIN = Employer ID number, that's the company official ID number.

·       Once we get the company certificate (2-3 days more) we send you the EIN application to sign. 

·       We submit the EIN application to the IRS for approval and processing (10-12 business days)

·       Once we get the EIN Confirmation letter from the IRS, we can start with the bank process.

·       We introduce you to 5 US banks and payment solution providers

·       Then we will learn from you what are you banking needs

·       We will explain to you what each bank's requirements from non US residents

·       And suggest which banks to apply with first

·       We will help you with the applications, documents, and information that you have to submit

·       We help with the banks's due-diligence  process to verify and identify your US company, and any actual owner.

·       We will help you reply to any bank inquiry and additional information request

·       If first bank rejects your application, we will continue to next bank

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