What are the steps to apply and receive ITIN?

Step 1: 1 week

Preparing your ITIN application, IRS form W7, verifying your identity and Certifying your Passport. We have developed a process that within 1 week (or even less, depending on how fast you reply to our information request) we finalize this step and have the application completely ready and signed. 

Step 2: 3-6 weeks

IRS receives the ITIN application with all the paperwork and put it into their pipeline of ITINs application. The IRS has a special unit to process ITINs and only they are responsible for processing applications. This step is not in our control. The only thing we can do is to check daily if the application is in processing and of course to make sure that your application is submitted bullet proof. The IRS time frame can vary by month and it can be 3-6 weeks. 

To further expedite it, we use our own address for the ITIN mailing address so the ITIN approval letter will be sent to us locally and we will be able to email you the ITIN promptly. 

Do you guarantee that I will receive an ITIN?

Yes, we do. If you provide us with all the documents we ask for and the required information, we guarantee you will receive your ITIN or we refund your money back!​

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